Haley spent years photographing, learning the art of storytelling and cultivating an ability to recognize and capture joy. Juggling passions for languages, travel, justice, and stories led her into humanitarian photography. She has a heart to share the innate value she sees in people, and an unwavering belief in the importance of sustainability in addressing basic human needs. Through her photos, Haley intends to share both the truth of people’s circumstances and the fact that they are not defined by them. She loves sitting with people long enough to find the true roots of their joy and hope. Haley believes that knowledge requires responsibility, and uses her photos to share unique stories that invite viewers into responsibility. She has travelled to 30 countries and worked with Joyn, Malaria No More, International Care Ministries, The Charis Project, and Compasio, among others.

Haley is based in Nashville, TN and works out of WELD