"Who among you is the best soccer player?"

All fingers instantly point to Johnny, who smiles as if he's just won an Olympic gold medal. The others proudly see the 11-year-old as their older brother and favorite playmate, and Johnny humbly cares for them, indulging daily desires for a soccer game – or two. 

Johnny recalls his life before coming to live at House of Hope three years ago: "When I was living at home, I didn't have enough food to eat. I was staying with my mother, father and brother. I didn't have any sisters… now I have three.” 

Along with each of the other children at House of Hope, Johnny arrived malnourished and parasite-ridden. But you wouldn’t know these things upon meeting him now. His life at House of Hope is marked by responsibility, discipline, and joy that livens face. He is proud to go to school and eat well. He is proud to be an older brother and a great soccer player. He is proud to be growing into a young man at House of Hope. 

Johnny dreams of becoming a Pastor when he grows up. Referencing the lack of hope and fulfillment in his life before entering House of Hope, he says,

"Only God has changed my life." 

This boy has experienced transformation not only in the form of education and health, but also in joy. He wants to share his faith in God’s goodness with everyone he meets. Johnny already speaks confidently, in a way that makes it easy to envision the confidence that could pour from his future sermons.  House of Hope has offered Johnny a life he can take pride in, but also one that offers full life to other people.

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